Great job, anglers! Lots of kids entered the Hook 'em and Heave 'em 2017 Fishing Contest this year.  Winners received $100 for the largest of each species caught with a $100 bonus for the largest overall fish. All kids entering the contest who did not have the largest in any category received $25 in worm money for next year because the Grand Marshall is a softy who likes to see kids fishing. We'd love to see even more participation next year! Click on the image below the winners' list for a slide show!

Winners of the 2017 contest were:

 Ben K  Bluegill  8.5 inches  Winner!
 Ben K  Carp  19.5 inches  Grand Prize Tie Winner!
 Brock B  Catfish  19 inches  Winner!
 Cameron T  Large Mouth Bass  13.5 inches  Winner! 
 Ben K  Perch   9 inches  Winner!
 Ben K  Pike  19.5 inches  Grand Prize Tie Winner!
 Ben K  Rock Bass  8 inches  Winner (tie)!
 Katrina K

 Rock Bass

 8 inches  Winner (tie)!
 Tate O  Rock Bass   8 inches  Winner (tie)!
 Ben K  Small Mouth Bass  14.5 inches  Winner!
Click on image below for a slide show of this year's anglers and their catch!
View the embedded image gallery online at:

It's not too early to start finding the best fishing spots for next year!

Thornapple Association Hook ‘Em and Heave ‘Em Fishing Contest 2018
(For Kids 18 and Under Only)

Who Can Enter: 
All dues paying Thornapple Association members’ children and grand children (18 years old and under).

To Win: 
Catch the largest fish in one of the following categories on the Thornapple River between the Ada and Cascade dam:

A: Small Mouth Bass 
B: Large Mouth Bass 
C: Northern Pike 
D: Catfish 
E: Bluegill 
F: Walleye
G: Sunfish
H: Rock Bass
I: Carp
J: Crappie

All species must be caught between Memorial Day, 2018 (or whenever the season starts for that particular species) and Labor Day, 2018.

To Enter: 
A: Take a picture of your fish next to a ruler or tape measure (HINT: keep a camera and a tape measure in your tackle box) 
B: Weigh your fish (HINT: keep a fish scale in your tackle box, too!) 
C: Write your name, fish type, and length of fish and date caught on the back of your photo. 
D: Submit your photo to the Grand Marshall 
E: You are encouraged to throw back your fish. (This is optional but will score points with the Grand Marshall)

Largest fish caught (and documented) in each category listed above wins $100. 
Anglers can enter more than one category. 
PLEASE NOTE: Maximum prize money one angler can receive is $200.
Winners will be announced in October 2018 on this website and via US Mail!

Grand Prize: 
The largest fish caught of all the above species wins an additional $100.

Grand Marshall: 
Rick Steeby

Photos and winners will be posted on the Association’s website!

Remember: Kids Only 18 and Under