Welcome to the website for the Thornapple Association - this is a private website providing information and resources for property owners along the Thornapple River between Cascade dam and Ada dam, who collectively "own" and manage the Ada dam through the Association.


The Thornapple Association is a group whose membership is open to approximately 230 home owners with frontage on the Thornapple River in Grand Rapids, Michigan between the Cascade and Ada Dams.  The Ada dam is owned by the Thornapple Association and leased to a private company which operates the dam for production and sale of electricity, and as much as possible, controls the flow to maintain a consistent water level. Net proceeds from the operation allow the board of TRA to fund river maintenance, weed control, fish stocking, social events for the membership, and a reserve fund for future dam maintenance.  This section of the Thornapple River is one of the most scenic riverfronts in western Michigan and the members of the Thornapple Association work together to help keep the river clean and beautiful. There is an annual meeting of the association held on the third Tuesday in April, in the evening.